Drs. Johnson, Oliver, Martin and Whitehead
believe in quality.

We provide you with the best eye exam available. And whether you are interested in contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses or refractive surgery; we can provide you with the best vision solution possible. If a vision problem arises that requires further treatment we are associated with the best specialists in Alberta for your vision care. Let us care for you!

Sunglass Cove - Catch the Wave!

Canada's only Doctor owned Sunglass Boutique! Sunglass Cove offers what you will never find on a mall kiosk or convenience store rack - designer eyewear supported by medical knowledge that will maintain a lifetime of exceptional eye health and vision.

Styles to Suit your Style.

Our professionals will help you discover the perfect eyewear for your distinctive looks and lifestyle needs. Our staff members regularly update their expertise by attending eyewear shows, specialized workshops and training sessions.

Proud to serve the Wetaskiwin area since 1998!

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World Sight Day Challenge

We are proud to participate in World Sight Day supporting Optometry Giving Sight.

Optometry Giving Sight

We are the proud recipients of a Silver Award from Optometry Giving Sight.



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Our office hours are listed below. If you should experience an ocular emergency outside of our regular office hours, please proceed to the Wetaskiwin Hospital, or contact the Eye Clinic at Royal Alexandra Hospital, 10240 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, (780) 725-5754.