A Guide To Solving Annoying Eyelid Twitches

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Eyelid twitches are pretty common and mostly harmless. However, they can be rather irritating or annoying. There are more fast-twitch muscle fibers in the eyelids than anywhere else in your body, and when your general health is not quite right, the fast-twitch muscle fibers will contract erratically, causing the lid to twitch.

Many eyelid twitches come and go, but some can persist for weeks. In order to relieve an eyelid twitch, you need to understand its cause. To ensure our patients have the information they need, our specialists at Doctors Eyecare Wetaskiwin have listed the most common cause of eye twitches and given suggestions on how to solve the issue.

1. Tiredness
If you are constantly tired, your eyes might be working overtime to stay open, which can lead to eyelid twitches. The best solution is to give yourself a break and get some rest. Take short breaks away from computer screens throughout the day to allow your eyes to rest.

2. Eye strain
If you are experiencing eye strain, it could indicate an underlying refractive error such as far-sightedness, near-sightedness, or astigmatism. It is essential to consult your optometrist as soon as possible to get your eyes checked and receive appropriate treatment.

3. Dry eye
A dry eye is another common cause of eyelid twitches. It can be caused by a tear film imbalance, a lid abnormality, an eye infection, or contact lens problems. The best solution is to see your optometrist for an eye exam and get the right treatment for your specific condition.

4. Excessive caffeine
Consuming too much caffeine can also cause eyelid twitches. If you are a coffee lover, try reducing your caffeine intake to see if it helps relieve your symptoms.

5. Electrolyte imbalance
An electrolyte imbalance can cause a persistent eyelid twitch. If you suspect this is the cause, consider drinking an electrolyte drink or taking an electrolyte supplement daily until your twitch subsides.

6. A lack of water and vitamins
Dehydration and vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to eyelid twitches. Some people find magnesium supplements helpful, while others find drinking tonic water helps. Additionally, ensure you are drinking enough water and consuming a balanced diet to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

7. Hot compress
A hot compress on your eyes is a good first-line therapy for eyelid twitches. It helps to relax the muscles around your eyes and improve circulation. However, if your eyelid twitch continues for more than a few days, in that case, seeing your optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam is best to rule out any serious underlying conditions.

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