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Are you dealing with a stinging, burning, or scratchy sensation in your eyes? Are your eyes red, sensitive to light, or do you at times feel like something is irritating your eyes? If you said yes to any of these questions, you could be suffering from dry eye. Dry eye occurs when tears do not provide adequate moisture, leading to the eyes becoming uncomfortable, red, and inflamed.

What is dry eye? How is dry eye diagnosed?

The tears your eyes typically produce are necessary for overall eye health and clear vision. Your eyes dry out when they do not make enough tears or the produced tears do not have the proper chemical composition.

To diagnose dry eye, you will need to visit your optometrist. During the examination, your optometrist will ask you questions about your general health, your use of medications, and your home and work environments to determine any factors causing dry eye symptoms. Using a high-powered microscope known as a slit lamp, in conjunction with special dyes, your doctor will evaluate the quality, the amount, and the distribution of tears to detect signs of dry eye.

What causes dry eye? Can dry eye be cured?

Dry eye symptoms can result from the normal aging process, hormonal changes, exposure to certain environmental conditions, problems with normal blinking, or from medications such as antihistamines, oral contraceptives, or antidepressants. Dry eye can also be a symptom of general health problems, such as arthritis. Dry eye can also occur from UV exposure or simply because of your environment.

Unfortunately, dry eye is usually chronic and cannot be cured, but your comfort can be improved, and your eye health maintained through the use of artificial tears. For more severe dry eye, gels and ointments can be used, especially at bedtime. Your optometrist can prescribe the best drops for you, and in some cases, small plugs may be inserted in the tear ducts to slow drainage and loss of tears. Treating any underlying systemic disease or a change of diet to include items such as fish or flaxseed oil can also be helpful at times. New prescription medications are also now available to help your body produce more of its own tears. Eyelid hygiene is also essential when treating dry eye.

What are the signs of dry eye? Will the condition harm my eyes?

The common signs of dry eye include stinging, a gritty or scratchy feeling, and uncomfortable eyes. It can also cause fluctuating vision, or a burning feeling, or a feeling of something foreign within the eye. Some people experience tearing as a result of dry eye. This is a natural reflex of the eyes to create more tears to comfort the eye in response to dryness.

If dry eye is left untreated, it can be harmful. Excessive dryness in the eye can damage tissue and possibly scar the sensitive cornea of your eye, impairing vision. Similarly, dry eye can make contact lens wear more difficult due to increased irritation and a greater chance of eye infection. To keep dry eye symptoms in check, you and your doctor of optometry need to work together. You also need to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and if you have increased dryness or redness that is not relieved by the prescribed treatment, let your doctor know as soon as possible.

Dry Eye Clinic


I-DROP® MGD is a premium quality artificial tear that is formulated to relieve symptoms related to evaporative dry eye. It is one of the most advanced hydrating and lubricating preservative-free eye drops available on the market. I-DROP®


Adding I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS to an ocular hygiene routine helps clean eyelids and lashes more effectively while increasing the effectiveness of hydrating artificial tears. I-LID ’N LASH® PLUS can be used by patients requiring deeper cleansing as it contains 5% tea tree oil (TTO).

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic


I-VU® OMEGA-3 PLUS is a highly purified and concentrated Omega-3 supplement that addresses a patient’s dry eye symptoms systematically as opposed to topically. This supplement for dry eyes is formulated to not only provide dry eye relief and improve symptoms, but to support proper tear function in adults as well.


Patients that seek relief of severe dry eye disease and Lagophthalmos, the inability to close the eyelids completely, may benefit from I-DEFENCE®. This long-lasting, lubricating nighttime dry eye ointment contains 0.40% sodium hyaluronate and is extremely effective at providing maximum, long-lasting relief of dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic


The I-RELIEF™️ Hot & Cold Therapy Eye Mask can help patients manage their dry eye condition from the mildest of symptoms to more serious conditions. Featuring unique temperature-retaining and naturally-hydrating ThermaBeads™️, this eye mask for dry eyes allows for long-lasting hot or cold therapy.

Umay REST – The Future Of Dry Eye Therapy

The first Digital Rest & Recovery tool for better sleep & eye health.

Reset the effects of screen time with heating & cooling technology to help you wake up and wind down in just 10 minutes a day.

Introducing Umay REST, a science-based technology to care for your dry eyes and improve your sleep patterns. Umay REST combines the sciences of warming and cooling, and mindful breathing to improve your tears and sleep at the same time. Patients who suffer from dry eyes are more symptomatic if they have poor sleep quality.

Umay REST allows you to unplug from your digital device, relax your eyes, and guide you through a mindful breathing exercise to help you sleep better. The experience is called Thermal Meditation™. Everyone can benefit from better sleep and healthy eyes.

If you were finding it inconvenient to microwave your eye mask, the REST device is digital and turns on with a click of a button. It has several customizable settings to help you rise, recharge and rest. The device features an automatic timer and shut-off, keeps track of your usage, and is portable so you can take it with you anywhere!

We are one of the first Optometry practices to be able to trial this great device and provide feedback to Umay. We are also the first to carry it for retail. Come try it out in the office for yourself.

Umay Rest was showcased on Dragon’s Den – CBC, Season 17, Episode 1

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye Clinic