Checklist To Reduce Digital Eye Strain

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The time we spend on computers, tablets, phones, and watching television is growing as our day-to-day life has become increasingly digitized, and our ability to socialize has been restricted. Digital eye strain is caused by a number of factors, including staring at close-up objects for extended periods of time.

Some symptoms of digital eye strain include headaches, blurred vision, eye irritation, double vision, excessive tearing or dry eyes, stinging or burning eyes, and excessive blinking.

At Doctors Eyecare Wetaskiwin, we understand that eye care is very important and that reducing the time spent on digital devices can be viewed as challenging due to our lifestyle and habits. But with a bit of focus and change in our routine, you’ll be able to minimize digital eye strain.

As experts in eye care, we’ve created a handy checklist to help you reduce digital eye strain. Follow our checklist accurately so that you can have healthy eyesight.

1. Position your screen about an arm’s length away from your eyes and twenty degrees below eye level.

2. Keep your room lighting at the same brightness as your computer screen. Don’t use your screen in a dark room.

3. Reduce glare on your screen by making sure the windows behind you are covered. An anti-reflection coating on your glasses will greatly reduce the reflections you see.

4. Give your eyes a break. Every twenty minutes, take a twenty-second break by looking off into the distance.

5. Blink fully. Many people tend to blink less often when using the computer, and some people do not completely close their eyes when blinking, which causes dry eyes. Try to think about blinking when using screens consciously. We can prescribe appropriate eye drops to relieve discomfort.

At Doctors Eyecare Wetaskiwin, we know that everyone’s visual system, visual demands, and ergonomic environment are different. We can recommend a customized solution for you based on your digital device habits to help prevent the adverse effects of digital eye strain. We may recommend computer glasses, which help reduce eye fatigue.

You may be experiencing symptoms but not realize these are being caused by digital eye strain. Regular visits to the optometrist will ensure these symptoms are being detected early, and simple changes can be made to alleviate the discomfort. We will also determine if the symptoms are a result of digital eye strain or a more serious eye health concern.

Information provided courtesy of the Alberta Association of Optometrists.

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